Why is it essential for students to wear school shoes?

A school uniform plays a significant role in the school environment. It introduces the idea of equality, harmony, and discipline to students. But it is also important that the uniform students wear is comfortable. School shoes are an essential part of the uniform because they protect the feet; hence, they must provide complete comfort and protection. Many brands manufacture school shoes in different designs, but most schools prefer plain black, simple, and comfortable ones, for example, Clarks School Shoes

According to a study done by a professor at The University of Sydney, school shoes should be designed to provide similar freedom of movement when one is bare feet but protects the feet from the roughness of the land. 

Many reasons make school shoes an essential part of the uniform. The following points explain these reasons in detail:

It gives a formal look.

Almost all the schools want their students to wear formal uniforms to maintain a sense of similarity and discipline between all the students. It can be possible that the uniform might have some patterns and designs, but the school shoes are always simple and plain black. For example, the Clarks School Shoes are also black with black laces. Similarly, many other brands make such formal shoes for school students. 

Provide comfort

These shoes are usually designed to provide proper comfort to the students and complete freedom of movement. It also provides support to the muscles and ankle to prevent any injury. There are different features these shoes have, such as shock-absorbent, arch support, and prevent cramps, etc.

Help in sports activities

The school shoes are designed so that they are best for sports activities. They are like trainers and sneakers, which a student can use for a range of activities like games, fitness routines, marathons, campings, etc. it provides excellent grip on the ground and protects students’ feet from impact injuries. 


As each student is different, the idea of comfort and convenience can also be different for each student. Some children find it challenging to tie laces because of a lack of motor skills. Hence, for them, you can always find shoes that have velcro or buckle features for connecting or tightening. These also come in plain back colour and the schools easily accept these types of shoes as well. 

When you are out to buy a pair of school shoes for your ward, you have to take care of certain aspects, including checking the internal cushioning of the shoe to ensure it doesn’t bruise the skin. You must also check the material of the external area to ensure there is no damage and check the bendability so that the child has a full scope of movement as the stiff shoes will only restrict their movement and can cause injuries. Most importantly, you must ensure the durability of the shoe. It is why you must invest in a nice pair of branded shoes. 

Many brands manufacture shoes with all these features. It would be best if you find a store online that specializes in school shoes so that you can get your hands on the best pair for your ward. Many such online websites and regular stores in the market specifically deal in school shoes and uniforms. 

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