Yahoo Hong Kong! – The Rise and Fall of a Global Internet Service Provider

Yahoo! is a worldwide internet service provider with its headquarters at Sunnyvale, California. The company was established around 1994, in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. It provides a range of services that include online utilities as well as access to websites. As of 2005, Yahoo was able to record 3.4 billion page views across the globe, and is now part of Verizon Communications. The services offered by Yahoo are diverse and range from personal information to entertainment and news. The company caters to a variety of kinds of users and offers various features, like search, mail or email, as well as social networking.

Filo and Yang started Yang and Filo started the Yahoo initiative in the campus trailer in 1994. They were more focused on creating homemade lists of their top websites than writing their dissertations for doctoral studies best dissertation writing services lists were long and they had to break them down into categories. Then, every category became overloaded. This is when the concept of Yahoo was created. They quickly added search features to their platform, and within a short time, they were producing millions of page views per day.

The resultant company grew at an astonishing rate.

The company that resulted has grown at a rapid pace during the 1990s, adding different services to its search website and engine. It was the primary search engine used by the majority of Internet users around the globe. But, as Google and other major search engines came into existence, Yahoo! was unable to grow and evolved into a site for content, with associated services. The company was a massive success, but it has faced difficulties in a battle against Google in recent times.

The reason why Yahoo’s growth has been so fast was due to the fact that the executives did not have a clear idea of the future of the company. It was not an actual technology or search business, and was a media business that was heavily focused on advertising. Programming was seen as an item that was a commodity. It also experienced a number of bad leaders who were unable to keep pace with technological advancements. Former employees claimed that the demise for the business was unavoidable.

Although many critics find Yahoo boring but they don’t see the company’s growth as an opportunity to open up an abundance of possibilities. The site expanded in a rapid manner during the 1990s, and was regarded as the primary search engine used by the majority of Internet users. While its growth was slowed by the advent of Google however, it was still the most popular online content portal. At the close in the 20th century Yahoo! was a flourishing company. The company continues to be an innovator in the field of technology, with millions of customers in more than 170 countries utilizing its services.

Yahoo! was established in 1994.

Yahoo! was established in 1994. It started out as a basic search engine however, as time went forward, it was able to add an SMS service as well as an online portal. It was the most popular search engine of the majority of Internet users around the globe. Due to its rapid growth, Yahoo! transformed into a site for content and also offered various services. This helped build trust and create a sense of community among its users. In 2004, Yahoo! was more focused on content than the previous popular, but less well-known

Popularity of Yahoo! has driven its growth for more than two decades. Yahoo has a huge number of users and is one of the most visited websites around the globe. This is why Yahoo is a mighty worldwide brand that is suitable for every kind of business.

Last Words

Despite its huge popularity, Yahoo was not always user-friendly. At first, the company employed trailers to host the project. However, their lists soon became too long and the list became too overflowing. Then, they decided to break their content in categories and made Yahoo an online content platform.

Originally, Yahoo! was a revolutionary platform. Its search engine rapidly gained traction and made money. The company’s management had no plan for the future and they were unable to figure out an effective way to separate their company from advertising. In the end, Yahoo! has grown into an international media giant. Yahoo! now sells advertising space on its website , and also operates as a media corporation. This implies that Yahoo! has grown into a massive, profitable business.

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