Your Essay Doesn’t Have To Be Boring- Here Are Three Ways To Make It Interesting

You’ve done your research, written an outline, and practised writing an essay about it. So why does your paper still feel like homework? If you have trouble making your essay topics enjoyable, don’t worry- we’ll show you how to transform boring essays into engaging ones. Here’s what you need to know:

Become the topic of your essay.

You can tell a story about yourself. You can tell a story about someone else. You can tell a story about something that happened to you. You can even tell a story about someone else that happened to you! What does this mean for you? The possibilities for storytelling are endless, so don’t be afraid of the blank page or screen when it comes time to write your essay!

Here are some essay topics examples:

  • In one of my favourite books, “Shantaram,” author Gregory David Roberts tells an epic tale of his life in Bombay (Mumbai) during his days as a criminal and drug addict. He also describes how he became involved with an Australian woman named Maggie, who eventually becomes his wife and helps him turn over a new leaf in life by moving away from crime and drugs entirely so they could start fresh together in Australia, where they would live happily ever after… except not really because things didn’t work out between them after all because she left him too soon after arriving there which was sad because she was such an important part of me before she left me forever, but now I have another family here instead so everything turned out okay after all now look at these beautiful children we made together 🙂
  • Another great example would be The Odyssey by Homer (yes, it’s still relevant today!). Odysseus desperately wants home after being away from Ithaca for many years due to the war between Troy (which isn’t even real anymore anyways); however, once he arrives home, only then does Odysseus realise just how much he missed during those long years away from everything familiar including wife Penelope whom he loves very much 🙂

Make your reader the main character.

You want your reader to feel like they’re part of the story, but how can you give them a voice? There are a few ways to do this. One way is by using pronouns in your essay. For example, let’s say you’re writing about how much you love summer. Rather than saying, “I love summer,” try saying, “You love summer.” Or if you’re talking about how much you hate winter, say, “We hate winter,” or even better, put yourself in their shoes and write something like: “I can’t believe it!” (Note: Don’t use too many exclamation points). This will make your reader feel more involved and interested in what’s happening because they can imagine being right there with the narrator or main character—you!

Write in the first person.

Writing in the first person is a great way to engage your reader. It helps make your essay more personal because you are writing about your own experiences and ideas.

You can also use it to keep your reader engaged, as they will be able to relate more easily to what you have written if it is in the first person. However, it is important not to use this too much – otherwise, it may sound like bragging or self-indulgence on your part, which can be off-putting for readers.

Introduce a new idea in a surprising way

The best way to choose essay topics is by doing something unexpected. Most people will just say, “I believe X,” but you can do better than that! Try saying: “This argument does not convince me.”

Why does this work? It’s because it forces the reader to think about why you aren’t convinced rather than what you are convinced about. That makes for a more engaging and thought-provoking read!

Your essay doesn’t have to be boring- here are three ways to make it interesting

  • Make your reader the main character. If you’re writing about a book or movie, try to imagine yourself in the place of one of the characters. How would they react to what happened? Would they have done anything differently?
  • Tell a story in your essay. You can use this method whether you’re writing about an event from history, something from your personal life, or even a short anecdote from school or work that has stuck with you for years. For example: “Although I never expected it at such a young age, my first job as an assistant manager at Chipotle taught me more about leadership than any class ever could have.”
  • Write in the first person (“I”). This may seem an obvious choice when trying to make an essay exciting, but it’s not always easy! Using “I” rather than “we” can help readers relate better to what’s being said while also making them feel like they’re part of what’s going on—not just reading words on paper (or screen).


Your essay doesn’t have to be boring- the above mentioned are three ways to make it enjoyable. 

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