How to Avoid Side Effects of Kratom Powder in Oregon? Experts Tell Tricks

Kratom is a beneficial herb. For ages, Southeast Asian people have been using it for its medicinal properties and energy-boosting ability. However, as somebody has said, “everything in excess is poison,” even beneficial things can be harmful if taken in overdoses. 

The same goes for kratom. When you overdose on the herb, you may experience unpleasant side effects. Experts advise people to take this herb responsibly. Only then can you enjoy it; otherwise, you would unnecessarily suffer. 

The dose is an indispensable part of taking kratom

When you bring home kratom powder in Oregon, know about its dose. No standard dose exists in the case of kratom. The dose depends on how your body responds to this herb. In other words, it’s you who will decide the dose. 

Please do not copy other users. Their body composition, metabolism, tolerance level, body weight and size, and lifestyle might be different from yours. These factors play a role in how well your body accepts this herb. 

Recommended dose by experts

As per Oregon kratom experts, keep as low as you can, especially when you start using this herb. For beginners, take 1 gram of powder per 100 lbs body weight. 

With time, you will develop tolerance, if you take kratom daily. Then you must increase the dose. But do it slowly. Never jump to a very high dose. 

Increase the dose only to a limit. Overdose can harm you, warn experts. Generally, experts regard a dose of 10 grams per day is within the safe zone. Anything above this can be harmful. However, certain users have gone upto 15 grams, but then you risk developing much tolerance for this herb. 

The disadvantage of developing tolerance

When you develop tolerance, you won’t enjoy the herb as you did before. You must keep increasing the doses until you reach the limit. After that, if you increase, you risk getting side effects. 

Eventually, you lose the charm of this herb. So, what’s the use? You may miss the wonderful effects of kratom that you experienced as a starter. 

That’s why experts recommend taking kratom as low as possible. This is the most effective way to enjoy kratom to the fullest. 

So, before you buy this herb from a shop for kratom near you, resolve to be responsible for its usage. 

And if you wish to enjoy it more, go kratom-free in between. Then, come back to it. 

How to fight tolerance?

Don’t worry, if you observe you have become too tolerant to kratom to enjoy its effects. You can reverse the scenario. Slowly reduce the dose by 0.5 grams every day until you come to the beginner’s level. 

Then go kratom-free for 3-4 days or maybe a week. 

Now start taking it again. Feel the effects! 

Another way is to keep rotating the strains. This way, your brain gets something new to be excited about. 

Get all strains of kratom from a licensed vendor of kratom in Oregon. 

Idea dose of kratom

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a standard or ideal dose, but experts recommend the following:

  • For stimulation – 0.03 grams powder per pound of bodyweight.
  • For sedation and pain-relieving – 0.06 grams powder per pound of bodyweight. 

For more information, please visit the best kratom shop. 

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