Multiple Resources for Pursuing an Ethical Hacking Course 

Are you interested in a career in the ethical hacking field? To be honest, the domain seems quite interesting and offers various lucrative job opportunities across the world. You must have already come across headlines related to data breaches causing companies losses worth millions of dollars. When a company falls victim to cyberattacks, it is not just about the financial losses, the reputation built over the years is also affected negatively. This is the reason companies are investing in cybersecurity and hiring skilled professionals who can deal with malicious hackers and prevent any kind of cyberattack. Ethical hackers are some of the most sought-after professionals for this purpose. 

There are many reasons for learning ethical hacking – impressive career growth opportunities, high demand in the job market, bright future prospects, and a high-paying job. Today, it is not even difficult to pursue any new skill. You don’t have to pause your existing job and enroll in a university program to attend physical classes. You can enroll in an online Ethical hacking course and gain work-ready skills right from the comfort of your home. Usually, the learning material for such courses is divided into short video modules, which are easy to accommodate in one’s busy schedule. Moreover, unlike a lengthy program, your interest will be maintained throughout the course as you will be covering only a small portion of the syllabus every day.    

But, how do you decide which online training course is the best for you? We understand that many learners are unaware of the best options available to them if they want to study ethical hacking from scratch. So, in this article, we have listed down some of the top resources that offer high-quality, ethical hacking courses and are worth your time and effort. 

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Top Resources to Learn Ethical Hacking

The platforms mentioned below are online training providers, and you can enroll in their courses from anywhere. 


Simplilearn is a well-known name in the edtech industry and offers courses to help you gain the in-demand tech skills of the present times. When it comes to cybersecurity, you will find a range of comprehensive courses on different subjects. You can enroll in its CEH v11 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course to pave your way towards becoming a successful ethical hacker. The course is accredited by the renowned EC-Council and can be taken for the preparation of the institute’s prestigious credential CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification. 

The program covers some of the most important skills like network packet analysis, trojan backdoors and countermeasures, mobile and web technologies, IDS firewalls, honeypots, and advanced log management. 


Udacity is known for offering in-depth nanodegree programs that usually are of 4 months duration and help you learn any subject of your interest. You can enroll in its Ethical Hacker Nanodegree program to gain the offensive security skills to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. By spending 5 to 10 hours per week, you can complete the course in 2 months. The instructors will teach you how to find vulnerabilities and loopholes in various computer systems and design and implement a penetration testing plan. You will also learn how to report on test findings using valid evidence.  

The program features real-world projects and immersive study material built in partnership with reputed companies. The experienced mentors will also answer your queries, motivate you, and keep you on track. 

iClass by EC-Council 

As mentioned earlier, EC-Council is a renowned organization that offers one of the most sought-after cybersecurity credentials called the CEH certification. The organization also offers preparatory courses for learners through its iClass platform. You can enroll in its Ethical Hacking course online which offers you in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking phases, preventive countermeasures, and various attack vectors. You will learn how to think like hackers but with the aim of setting up your security infrastructure and defending against harmful attacks. 

There are two learning modes to choose from – self-paced learning and instructor-led training. If you have a prior understanding of the subject, you can take the self-paced mode. If you want to get trained by an expert, then you can go for the instructor-led training option. 


Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking is the course Cybrary offers in this field. The program is designed to teach you how to gather information, perform scanning and enumeration, and how an adversary could hack into your systems. The duration of the learning material is 7 hours and the difficulty level is intermediate. Some of the important concepts included in the training program are information security threats and attacks, security laws and standards, footprinting, reconnaissance, network scanning, enumeration countermeasures, types of password attacks and defenses, vulnerability assessment phases and tools, and so on. 

Cybrary also offers optional labs for this ethical hacking course that helps learners gain the hands-on skills required to be successful on the job. On completing this training you will have all the tools necessary for developing and applying an effective vulnerability identification strategy to prevent attackers from entering key systems. 

With all the best-in-class options available for you, which course are you going to enroll in? 

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