Cruella De Vil – A Review

The story of the revenge-bent thief, Cruella de Vil, is one of the most beloved tales of all time. The plot follows Estella, a young grifter destined to make her mark in the fashion world. She meets a pair of thieves who appreciate her desire for mischief and builds a life together on the streets of London. Baroness von Hellman, an aspiring fashion designer, becomes her friend, and the two of them decide to join forces to create a new line of clothing for Estella.


In the animated version of the tale, the main villain is Cruella de Ville. She is part of the family of the two heroes, Gold and Hybrid. She has a penchant for stealing things, including dogs. While attempting to make an amazing suit, Cruella also tries to get revenge on her thief, but is thwarted by the police. Artie, her sailor, joins her in this heist.

The animated series features two different versions of the story. The first version begins with the birth of Cruella. The second version takes place a little later. The second version has her father rescuing her from the thief’s clutches. It is not completely clear how the story begins, but it is very interesting to watch. The movie features both the male and female characters, who have the same names. Unlike the animated version, this one focuses on the male protagonist, Curella.

Anita saves the day by

In the cartoon, Anita saves the day by telling her that she is her birth mother. The Baroness is organizing a party at her mansion and Cruella has one last chance to avenge her. The boys and her friends steal the cloth from her, but when Estella steals it, they get away with it. The next day, the Baroness locks the safe, but a clever Estella opens it thinking she is Curella, and the butterfly flies all over the Baroness!

The voiceover is a great addition to this movie. The voiceover is a powerful tool that tells the story in the best way. The voiceover starts at the beginning of the movie and is a very effective tool in explaining the story in a visual way. The story is quite complex and can be difficult to follow, but it’s an important part of the film. Its audio version is particularly interesting. The dialogue in the animation is also excellent.

The voiceover in the movie is the most important part of the movie. It tells the story from the beginning. The voiceover is an important tool for understanding the story of Cruella de Ville. Its narration tells how Cruella de Vil was conceived. The movie’s voiceover is an important part of the movie because it helps us understand how she came to be. The story is told in a very emotional way and it makes the audience feel like the characters in the cartoon are real people.

The voiceover is a crucial part of the movie

The voiceover is a crucial part of the movie. It tells the story of the Dalmatians. The voiceover starts at a crucial point in the movie, when the mother gives birth to the Dalmatians. In the end, the story of the Dalmatians is not only entertaining but also educational. The audiovisual material in this film is the best tool for children to learn about the history of their ancestors. This is the most important aspect of the animated series.

The voiceover of the movie is an important part of the animated film. Its voice begins in the first part of the movie when the mother gives birth to the Dalmatians. Throughout the movie, the voiceover begins the story by introducing us to her. As we watch, the voiceover starts to tell the story of the Dalmatians. The voices of the characters are the same as those of their owners. Its role is to provide an insight to the life of the characters.

Last words

A voiceover is another essential aspect of the animated film. It provides an insight into the lives of the characters. The voiceover starts in the beginning of the movie, when the mother is giving birth to her child. Afterwards, the voiceover continues in the middle of the film when the Dalmatians have an accident. The characters in the movie do not talk to each other, but they are constantly connected. During this time, Cruella is able to see the father and the children.

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